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  • Available in PaperBoard/ChipBoard,
  • Plastic tiersheets are used as pallet protectors and for load stabilities
  • Available in various sizes and thickness
  • Cost effective alternative.
  • Strong and durable allowing for multiple usage during the handling and distribution process.

  • Slip Sheets are an effective way to replace Wooden Pallets
  • They are manufactured from either fibreboard or plastic.
  • Lowers costs- slip-sheets are 10% of the price of a pallet
  • Maximize container utilization
  • Save pallet disposal costs
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Hygienic (no need for special treated pallets for exporting)
  • No injuries due to splinters from wood pallets
  • Lightweight slipsheets only take up 1% of the space of wooden pall

  • Stock and Custom Orders

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